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The first “why not? Shop” has sprouted in Chiasso, Switzerland

The WHY NOT store? SHOP opens its doors in Chiasso, Via Volta 2, Switzerland, with a wide range of quality products from the wonderful world of hemp.

The concept behind the shop is based on the "Why? Why not? " comic strips created by Ivan Artucovich, AKA Ivan Art, who for years has been creating awareness and shedding new light on the multiple uses of cannabis with the goal to make society rethinking about its preconceptions towards this magnificent plant . Ivan Art started publishing his series of comics strips in 2006 in Dolce Vita Magazine (Italy) and since then has been made his way to numerous international publications like Treating Yourself Magazine (Canada), WeedWorld (UK), CannaHabla (Spain) Dolce Vita Balkan (Balkans), Dolce Vita Hellas (Greece), Grow (Germany) O’shaughnessy (USA). After many years since its creation the concept takes shape and becomes a shop..

In addition to the various hemp products available in the new WHY NOT? SHOP including food, clothing, building material, grow equipment and consultation, the store offers the opportunity to buy prints of the many cartoons created by the author himself and the promotional items that support this thought.

WHY NOT? SHOP in Chiasso, Switzerland, wants to be a meeting point for those interested in the subject and to create awareness of the multiple uses of hemp and its derivatives and at the same time offer a choice of high quality products.

For further information, please contact us at: info@whynotshop.ch

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