Rolling papers and Blunt

There are so many kinds of maps. Each with different peculiarities.

The maps are divided into Type A maps and Type B maps.

Type A maps:

These are those thicker, whiter and porous cigarette maps such as the original Gizeh, orange tuxedos, and others, referred to as "self-fighting" for their property to continue burning even if you don't suck the cigarette. For wet tobacco or not too dry content, it is recommended to use type A maps

Type B maps

Type B instead are those maps oer thin and transparent cigarettes for example the Rizla Silver, the whynot?, Ocb Ultimate, blue tuxedo, the raw and other called "slow combustion" precisely because they turn off if you do not aspire. With dry tobacco it is recommended to use type B maps

White maps

Classic white maps, which are often bleached with non-toxic chlorine. They have the peculiarity of not having flavor and of making the taste of the product contained in your cigarette fully felt

Rough map

Unde bleached natural maps have won a share of customers. This type of map is type B and they have slow combustion. It is used more with dry content. It is not recommended with somewhat damp content.

Some say that natural maps offer a lower intake of harmful substances during smoking, but this is not proven by studies.

Mostly it is a matter of taste: unde bleached maps have a slight woody aroma, delicately aromatic. They may cover or change the flavors of your cigarette content:) For the most curious smokers there are maps made in 100% hemp, but be ware ...... sometimes they say they're hemp but instead they're raw paper. Hemp maps cost a little more because the raw material is difficult to find and has a higher cost. 

Whynot? occasionally launches limited editions of hemp maps that are 100% certified high quality natural hemp map.

Cellulose map

Pure cellulose maps are a recent novelty, and are particularly difficult to find. They are only found at specialized retailers (from us you will find trips). Their main feature is that they are completely transparent, 100% natural. This is because they consist of pure unde bleached cellulose, without the use of glue or other harmful or chemical substances. Not everyone likes the flavor that seems to be not quite neutral. They are to try but definitely do their scene :)

In short, many different maps, all to try. On you will find many types of different maps at low prices. 

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