Conditions of Sale

The website is the exclusive property of Eden Green SAGL. The trademark “WHYNOT?” is protected worldwide and Eden Green Garden SA holds the exclusive license. It is prohibited to use the logo or trademark without the written consent of Eden Green Garden SA. Any use without authorization is liable to prosecution. The purchase of products via the website is governed by the following general conditions. Every purchaser who makes a purchase confirms that he or she has read and accepted these conditions.

The website is for the exclusive use of persons who are at least 18 years of age. The person who navigates and buys on our web shop, confirms to be of legal age.

All hemp flowers have a THC content of less than 1% as required by Swiss Federal Law and do not fall under the Federal Law on Narcotic Drugs. We are not capable of knowing the laws present outside the Swiss territory, therefore we are not responsible in any way for goods brought abroad by customers or shipped outside the Swiss territory.

The person who buys, declares to have understood that the use of cannabis can reduce the ability to drive vehicles and that it could create legal problems in case of police controls and/or accidents.

It is also recommended not to use cannabis products when operating machinery or in situations where there is the need to be vigilant and aware. Any damage or consequence, be it physical, material or patrimonial, resulting from the use of our products is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and the person who utilizes the product purchased.

By accepting the present contractual conditions, the purchaser declares to exonerate the companies linked to this web shop as well as the companies linked to the "whynot?" brand and all the shareholders or persons linked to the companies from any responsibility. Also exempted from any liability are the employees of our stores, the employees of our web shop, all agents and representatives of our products.

Our products are in no case considered pharmaceuticals, nor can they replace physicians or medical treatment or pharmaceutical products. Before taking cannabis products you should consult with your physician. Eden Green SAGL may unilaterally modify the general conditions at any time.

Shipment of goods

During the purchase of goods, the customer chooses the shipping method. The goods are NOT insured. The responsibility of Eden Green SAGL ceases when the purchase made by the customer is deposited at the post office or delivered to carriers for shipment. The customer can request shipment by registered mail, insured or with tracking by requesting it in advance and paying the difference. Packages are shipped anonymously without logos or descriptions in order to have the most anonymous package possible.

In no way is Eden Green sagl held responsible for the damage caused in case of lost shipment.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated automatically during online shopping. They change according to weight, cost and destination. When shipping abroad, any additional costs such as customs, VAT, etc. will be charged to the customer. In case of shipment abroad, we cannot be held responsible in case the package is stopped by the authorities, customs or other.

Eden Green sagl knows only the laws of Switzerland and not of other countries. Packages are not insured and the customer can request to insure the shipment by paying the additional costs.


In case the goods are damaged or not working, the customer must imperatively notify us of the defect within 36 hours of receipt of the package by email:

In case the package or the product is damaged by shipping, the damage will be requested to the carrier who carried out the transport. Of course the legal guarantee of the product remains in force as by law. The costs for the return of the goods are charged to the customer.

In case of complaints or help, you can write by email to Or by mail to Eden Green SAGL, Via Volta 2 A, 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland.

Protection of Personal Data

The data collected is protected in accordance with the privacy of our customers and as per Federal Data Protection Act and European law. Under no circumstances do we provide your data to third parties. Eden Green SAGL may use your data for commercial purposes and the customer has the possibility to object at any time. However, all data is confidential and are not disclosed to third parties.

Place of jurisdiction

In case of legal disputes, the place of jurisdiction is the Pretura of Mendrisio Sud/Switzerland.

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