Growerz The Cardgame
Growerz The Cardgame
Growerz The Cardgame
  • Growerz The Cardgame
  • Growerz The Cardgame
  • Growerz The Cardgame

Growerz The Cardgame

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The first cannabis game on self-production. Challenge your green thumb skills with Growerz!

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Product Detail

Created by Alberto Barbieri
Designed by Ivan Art

GrowerZ is a board game that is played with cards. You choose to play a character and you play to grow your own plants, choosing for each season the tools and accessories available.

Those who manage their needs with greater balance and awareness win! :-)

Set in a context of legalization, you will start the adventure of self-production by measuring your growing skills by building your own special garden: you will choose from the most effective equipment, you will exchange skills and advice with your neighbors trying to become a master with a green thumb! Choose the strains that best suit you and your lifestyle, become a professional GrowerZ!

GrowerZ is designed by Ivan Art (whynot?) (yes, it's us), the artist known all over the world for his activism and sensitivity on the subject of legalization.


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