Blunt Backwoods Blue 5x
  • Blunt Backwoods Blue 5x

Blunt Backwoods Blue 5x

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Backwood Blunt Blue 5 pieces per pack.

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Launched in the USA in 1981, these "wild" became a bestseller and are now considered one of the most successful brands in the flavored cigar segment worldwide. Formerly available in 4 flavors, the Backwoods produced in the Dominican Republic have been offered in Germany since 2010 in the two most popular flavorsCaribe (formerly Wild Rum) and Authentic (formerly Aromatic). They stand for uncomplicated, authentic smoking pleasure. Characteristic is the rustic appearance, they are supposed to look quasi "self-rolled". The filler consists of a mixture of imported tobaccos from different countries. The filler is wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper aged for 12 months, which gives the cigar a particularly smooth, pleasant taste. Made from 100% natural tobaccos. An airtight foil wrapper of 5 each has been specially designed to preserve the special moisture content and freshness of the.


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