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CBD can be taken in several ways: by drops, capsules or by inhalation. The drops are extracted from the hemp flower and then diluted in olive oil or oil extracted from the seeds of the plant itself. It is administered by drops directly into the mouth. The advantage is that it can be dosed as needed. CBD capsules have the advantage of being able to be taken more easily without feeling the natural taste of hemp which for some can be bitter or un pleasant There are different concentrations of CBD ranging from 2.5% up to 30%. There are also CBD drops with black pepper and turmeric that increase beneficial properties. CBD drops can also be used for our 4-legged friends. Dogs and cats can use CBD to treat pain or aggression. If natural, the drops can have a bitter or very vegetable taste. In some products aromas are added to make them less bitter. 

On the market there are many types of extracts in oil. Attention must be paid to the quality of the product. We have many different prices with different quality levels. From low-cost products to more expensive products. It depends on the customer who wants to spend on a quality product. There are mainly two types of extractions. With solvents or with very expensive equipment that extracts the product with CO2. With CO2, extraction produces a cleaner product. Then there are various certifications that often the customer does not look at. Higher certifications, greater safety and quality (and also higher cost). There are also certified BIO products but you count on one hand. Everyone says that they are BIO but often does not have certifications or evidence of what is alleged.

Another thing you have to look at is the concentration of CBD in the product. We start from 2% up to 50%. The more concentrated it is, the fewer drops we will need to achieve the consumption target. If for example of a concentrate 5% we use 20 drops, in a 10% we use 10 drops and so on. 

We want to make consumers aware of one thing, in Switzerland (as well as in Italy) and in other countries, the CBD oil product is sold for technical use or topical use. There is NO CBD oil authorized for oral consumption in Switzerland. The reason? Are you sure you want to know? To be authorized, this product must apply for "nouvel food" certification, but strangely, Switzerland and the EU have all certification applications blocked and do not process them. So you get it right! They don't say they don't give certification but they just don't look at them. And not because there is a safety problem since both the European Community and the World Health Organization have decided that CBD has never hurt anyone but because perhaps it is too simple that a completely natural product, which grows in our home gardens.... can do well. Better fill us with medicines that go to fill the accounts of the pharmaceutical companies. Those are legal...... :)

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