CBD Crystals

CBD crystals

CBD Crystals are a quality product and are probably the most effective and healthy way to consume and appreciate the properties of CBD.

It is very important to use them correctly and in the most appropriate way without running the risk of not being able to fully appreciate their characteristics.

These are essentially isolated and purified extractions of cannabidiol, which come in white and odorless grains, very similar to sugar in appearance. The extraction of the active substance takes place through the use of CO2 extraction machinery, thanks to which cannabidiol is extracted without the use of other solvents, potentially toxic to humans and the environment. Next, during the crystal insulation process, everything that is contained in plant matter is removed: traces of THC, oils, resins, chlorophyll and anything else. What remains at the end of processing is, therefore, nothing but the molecule of pure CBD.

In crystals the degree of purity of the active substance is much higher than in other cannabis products (90 to 99%), which ensures better assimilation of the active substance. In other words, ingesting pure CBD crystals means that we can benefit from all the effects of CBD on the body, without necessarily having to mix them with other substances.

As for the dosage, there are no particular provisions to follow. The ideal quantity is very subjective for everyone and always depends on various factors: body weight, constitution, metabolism. It is always recommended to start with a fairly low amount (about 10 mg per day) and increase it over time, until you reach the desired effect. It is always good to remember that cannabidiol has no type of psychoactive effect, does not alter in any way the perception or physiological parameters, and that it has a high tolerability on the part of our organism.
On the other hand, however, it is good to remember that being very intense the effects given by crystals, the risk is to relax a little too much, as well as that of a real waste of the product.

As for the mode of intake, crystals are a very versatile product. They can be used for cooking, you can smoke with the vaporizer or the e-cigarette, and there are those who prefer to simply put them under the tongue, once or several times a day.

The advantage of crystals is to ensure better assimilation of the active substance as well as a more intense benefit of the effects of CBD.


The fastest and most immediate mode of ingestion is to melt CBD crystals under the tongue. It is certainly the easiest and fastest process, as well as the one that guarantees a stronger effect. It is enough to place the established amount of CBD crystals under the tongue and hold them in the mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds, to give time for the crystals to melt and the mucous membranes to absorb the active substance.


CBD crystals can also be used in the kitchen: simply add them to any recipe, better if dissolved first in fatty ingredients, such as oil, butter or milk. For example, in a dessert, in the preparation phase of the dough you can add the crystals that will have an interaction with our organism during the digestion phase. Compared to sublingual intake, this is much less rapid: the assimilation of the active substance takes place in the course of digestion, which means that it can take up to 2 hours before it actually enters circulation.


Another way to use CBD crystals is to smoke them, using a vaporizer or e-cigarette (e.g. Davinci vaporizers)

Using a vaporizer, cbd crystals do not need to be diluted or mixed with other products. A minimum quantity of pure CBD crystals is sufficient, which must be inserted into the vaporizer and brought to a temperature between 160° and 190°.

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